Universal Glue Kit For All & Any Fabric

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This glue works for literally everything.

From ripped clothes to smashed dinner plates.
From shattered stones to lizard tails.
From coffee cups to broken hearts.
No, seriously. It works. Even for torn upholstery.

There is a very neat kit coming with it, and it’s quite straightforward and easy to use.

For example, if you tore your jeans or skirt jumping over a fence or doing casual tuesday parkour, all you have to do is sparingly apply a line of this glue on the top side of the crack and then pull the bottom of the crack over it.

You’ll notice then that it is:

  • Incredibly easy to apply
  • Actually doesn’t care about your skin and won’t harm it in any way
  • Dries off super fast
  • And if you jump into a pool right after, you’ll see it’s waterproof

These badass properties were attained by utilizing the latest chemical nanotech advances and meticulously treated components in order to create a glue that really glues anything instead of PAPER GLUE or CERAMICS glue or whatever glue. One glue to rule them all.

Any questions you may have about this bad boy, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page any time of the day.

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