Oz Dispenser - Rainbow Car Aroma Dispenser

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Always In A Good Mood

This fancy little airplane propeller is actually an essential oils fan dispenser with rainbow led lights.

Made with love somewhere over the rainbow and willing to travel long-distance to show you love and bring an instant ambience boost to your car rides, the Oz Dispenser is a sure conversation starter and a marvelous addition to any dashboard.

Rainbow LED Essential Oils Propeller

With LED lights in all colors of the rainbow behind the propeller, the cheerful Oz Dispenser will brighten up your cloudy days with the playful lights and a fresh scent that never fails to bring up some good memories.

Long Lasting Ocean Freshness At Your Dashboard

The fragrance is natural, invigorating and appropriate, not too little, not too much, but just about right to lift your mood.

Ocean-themed and refreshing, it comes with five replacement aromatic pads, each lasting for about 30 days. The best thing about the pads is that they are refillable, which means that once you run out of the original aroma in the pads (not anytime soon), you can simply use your favourite fragrance on them and they’ll be good to go another round. This way, the Oz dispenser will last you for years.

Vintage Design & Stainless Engineering

Made of stainless steel with a design inspired by the sixties industrial Zeitalter aircraft, the Oz Dispenser is very easy to clean and maintain, and the essence pads take seconds to replace.

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