MoodPalette™ Nail Polish
MoodPalette™ Nail Polish
MoodPalette™ Nail Polish
MoodPalette™ Nail Polish
MoodPalette™ Nail Polish
MoodPalette™ Nail Polish
MoodPalette™ Nail Polish
MoodPalette™ Nail Polish

MoodPalette™ Nail Polish

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Shifting as smoothly and unexpectedly as your temper on a typical Monday, this vivacious nail polish pushes your tempo on a daily basis. The MoodPalette™ bets heavy on the notion that everything changes, everything flows.

To keep it looking fresh and tidy, it is recommended that you add a layer each week.

You can take off your MoodPalette™ Magic Nail Polish just like you do with the regular nail polish.

With a color for every occasion and a hot for every cold, the MoodPalette™ comes in 8 different base colors, each of which has a “home’ temperature of 15°C, at which both colors are visible.
Heat it up by another 15°C by holding a cup of coffee or tea for example, and the mixture will quickly shift towards the warmer polarity.
Cool it off and it will turn into its colder version. So you will see violet turning into dark purple when you cool it off, or pink when you heat it up, all within seconds!


20 Candy Dreamscape

A Pink-Violet Palette

Combining the elevated spirituality of the purple with the puffy cuteness of the pink into a glossy spectrum, the No. 20 is a sensitive yet witty statement. Head in the clouds, legs all the way to the ground.


29 Clockwork Tendencies

A Fedora-Contessa Palette

Taking on a smoothly shaded approach, the No. 29 leverages the hazy intensity of orange-ish and purple-ish to acquire a non-typical statement of fierce transparency no matter what.

31 Damsel of Distress

A Careys Pink-Caput Mortuum Palette

With the darker sister of the Legal Blonde-pink on one side and silky vibes of late dusk at the other, the No. 31 is up to no good, but keeps it within legal boundaries.


33 Flamenco Opulence

A Venetian Red-Blackberry Combination

The No. 33 sets encloses your fingertips in a veil of passion, then sets them on fire in a blaze of fiery elegance. Everything you touch lives forever.


11 Thunderstorm Breeze

A Tundora-Light Grey Combination

You are the eye of the storm and No. 11 is your shades. Sparkling bright like lightning, they will either listen or be woken up gently by the storm.


08 Honestly Burning

A Coral Red-Fire Engine Red Combination

No. 08 lights the air on fire with a single spark, blushing briefly for it’s mischievous no-gooderies, but never really apologizing for it. Sound familiar?


13 Your Spirit Animal

A Dolphin-Fountain Blue Combination

Luckier than ever, No. 13 hears them quoting Charles Bukowski - “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire” and nods affirmatively, adding “Then again, what also matters is how well you swim through the shallow waters”. If this means something to you, look no further.


16 Enchanted Sugarcup

A True V-Fuchsia Combination

Probably the reason why there are so many images of purple sunsets all over the web, No. 16 is sweeter than muffins. Some call it unicorns & rainbows. We call it finger-lickin’ good.

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