Fairydust™ Drone
Fairydust™ Drone
Fairydust™ Drone
Fairydust™ Drone
Fairydust™ Drone

Fairydust™ Drone

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Where Imagination Meets Reality

Inspired by the charming and playful appeal of Tinker Bell, the legendary Peter Pan fairy, comes every girl’s dream toy - the Fairydust™ Drone.
Dreams become reality when fantastic design and dedicated engineering combine efforts for a behind-the-scenes dreamworks project.

The result is a lifelike motion-sensing fairy with an advanced obstacle avoidance system, shedding a subtle LED glow and flying around with grace.

Intuitive Motion Steering

With a hand movement reaction range of 10-50 cm, the Fairydust™ Drone is an interactive toy bringing nothing but magical experience and joy. Steering it with your bare hands feels nothing short of incredible!

Suitable For Children Of All Ages

Fairydust™ is light and flexible, with durable elastic wings. In case it winds up falling down to the ground or bumping into something, it will not feel a thing, and most certainly it will not break. This makes it the perfect companion for children of all ages.

A Genuinely Thoughtful Investment

Very appreciated not only for the joy it spreads but for the hand-eye coordination and spatial orientation it helps advance, Fairydust™ is one of the best recreational investments for your child, and certainly a favorite to be enjoyed for years to come.

🧚360° Motion Sensor Stirring.
🧚Advanced Obstacle Avoidance System.
🧚100% Childproof and Safe.
🧚Light, elastic and durable.

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