Amphibia Hands
Amphibia Hands
Amphibia Hands

Amphibia Hands

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With Amphibia Hands, you will swim 20-24% faster and paddle up to 30% faster on a surfboard.

Imitating Nature, these extensions resemble the webbed fingers of
otters, frogs and many other water animals, in a try to enhance your performance in water. Perfect for swimming, diving or paddling while surfing, these hydrodynamic extensions are super fun to wear, as your hands will look like those of a mermaid or an aquaman.

increased resistance, your webbed hands will get used to a slightly tougher routine, improving your technique and upgrading your water game!

🌊Made of highly elastic quality silicone
🌊Perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming & surfing
🌊Imitating natural webbed hands like water animals
🌊Hydrodynamic shape for increased resistance

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