2sticky Double-Sided Tape™

2sticky Double-Sided Tape™

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2sticky™ is an ultra-strong double-sided tape letting you stick anything anywhere.
Only a millimeter thick and transparent, it’s suitable for use literally wherever you need it.

2sticky lets you be creative in problem solving. Some smart guy once said - duct tape fixes everything. And he was right. But not just any duct tape, but the 2sticky double-sided supertape.

Extremely easy to use and shape to whatever format you need, 2sticky can be cut to virtually any size and length, and used to stick small items onto it, perhaps a toothbrush or a razor in the bathroom. But then again, it withstands much heavier items like multiple jackets on the clothes hanger at the door. Or kitchen tools.

Or regular tools. It’s just 2sticky not to.
The best part is, if you want your ingenious 2sticky invention to go, just peel it right off - it won’t leave a single trace. So you’re free to experiment and have fun solving your household 2sticky maths. No mistakes in the 2sticky tango.

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